Nationwide Association for Integrated Development
Medical Camp & Circumcision - Hamton Pur, Osamani Nagar, Sylhet - (2nd April 2010)

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NAID and the Rotary Club of Jalalabad, Sylhet, held a two day clinical services. NAID's, Deputy Executive, Ana Miah and NAID's Bangladesh Advisor Abdullah Al Moshoud (Fouad), along with several Rotarians of the Rotary Club of Jalalabad were present. At Hampton Pur, Osmani Nagar, NAID provided medical help to poverty stricken people, circumcision clinics, Child & Mother Care clinics and medical camps. Also Dr M S Rahman and his medical team provide a voluntarily service to the community, they were helped by NAID's resources and materials.  
 Registered Charity No: 1104093 & Company Limited by Guarantee in England and Wales Registration No: 4300512
Data Protection Registration No: Z884822X 
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